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Co. Athletics All Stars

We are SO excited about your sons and/or daughters interest in our All-Star Cheer Program. This group will be in its 2nd year and we have begun making our plans for an amazing year and are ready to welcome you to be apart of our cheer family. Some of the highlights for the year includes….

Cheer Competitions                                                       Summer Fun

Theme Nights                                                                    Christmas Parades

Home AU Gym Meet                                                      Spring Showcase

And Much Much More…

Try-out Dates

April All Star Prep Clinic:

April 7th  4:30-6pm and the 8th 10am-12pm

(Mandatory for New Athletes and optional for Current All-stars)

Cheer Clinic:

April 26th from 5:45-7:45pm and April 28th 4:00-6:30pm


Saturday April 29th beginning at 9:30am



All Star Season begins May 1st 2017- April 30th 2018:

May Practice Times

May 1st, 3rd, 8th, 10th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, and 24th


Weekend Stunt Clinic:

May 5th 4-6:30pm and the 6th 9am-11:30pm

2017 Summer Practices:

Summer Practices will be 3 days a Week and begin June 6th:

Summer Practice Days and Time: Tuesdays, Wednesday 10am-12pm and Thursdays 11am-12pm

Summer practices are VERY important. These practices are group practices with all teams. Focusing on stunting, technique, conditioning, fixing details regarding team level appropriate skills and advancing tumbling.


Camp Flight (Routine Camp)

July 30th-August 4th

10am-12:30pm (Lunch Break) 1:30pm-3:30pm


2017-2018 Fall-Spring Competitive Season

Fall/Spring Practices will be 3 days a Week

Days of Fall Practices and Times have yet to be determined

All Practice are MANDATORY!!! As well as any additional practices we add, as we get closer to competition and/or events. We will have a demerit system in place and your athletes will receive this on the first practice in May and you will be emailed a copy.


Some Competition Dates and Events do not come out until

May or June of 2017

(You will receive a list of Competition the Week of Camp Flight)


Returning / New Athletes Cost and Expenses:


Payments that are 5 days past due date with receive a $50 late fee


All Returning Athletes will ONLY have a balance on these items:

  • Annual Registration Fee $100 (due May 1st)
    • This includes 2 Practice Uniforms
  • Month Tuition $200 breaks down to $10 an hour (due the 1st of each month)
  • Stunt Clinic $100 (due May 17th)
  • Music $100 (Due June 24th)
  • Shoes: $95 (due June 24th)
  • Competition Routine Fee include Camp Flight $150 (July 24th)
  • Competition Fee for Competitions for the Year $850 (due by August 24th) Min of 4 competitions
  • USASF $30 (Oct 24th)


Optional Items

  • Any Replacement Items needed such as shoes, uniforms, make-up, bag, and/or bows (Ask for Prices at Front Desk)
  • April All Star Prep Clinic $20 per day


New Athletes Balances (In addition to the above items):

  • April All Star Prep Clinic $50 (due March 24th)
  • Uniform $285.00 (due by July 24th)
  • Make-Up, Backpack, Bow, Jacket: $200.00 (due by August 24th)


General Information

This is general information about the Co. Athletics All Stars, which is our Competition Cheer Team.  This guide provides you with a generalization of things you may be interested in regarding this amazing program. If you have any questions please feel to email our staff at or call the gym 334-649-3306

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